Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring in outside catering?

Yes, you are welcome to choose your own caterer, either from our preferred list or if they are not on our preferred list, then they must have a health permit and liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000.

Can we bring in our own food?

Any food served at the Grand Hall at NRH Centre must be delivered by an approved caterer. The Grand Hall does not allow food to be served that was prepared in a home.

Can we serve alcohol at our event?

Yes. Iron Horse Golf Course is the sole provider of alcohol at the Grand Hall at NRH Centre. All bar service must be contracted through Iron Horse.

Do we need a security officer for our event?

Any events with more than 100 guests, serving alcohol will require a security officer. Iron Horse will take care of contracting an off-duty NRH Police Officer for the hours that alcohol will be served.

Can we bring in our own drinks?

The Grand Hall at NRH Centre believes in providing our clients with a variety of options. Therefore, we do allow our clients to bring in their own non-alcoholic beverages. We can also provide drink packages for clients who prefer to have that convenience.

Can I just pop by to see the space?

We would love to show you around! We ask that you set an appointment in advance so that we can ensure the space is available and we are able give you the full, undivided attention that you need.